Marathons for charity

Marathons for charity

Keith Simpson is in training for his first Marathon run in 50 years!! His daughter Sophie has learning difficulties. Sophie attends a local activities centre.

The Apuldram Centre’s objective is to provide meaningful daytime occupational activities to adults with learning disabilities, with the emphasis on having a training-orientated day and producing goods for sale to the public. They offer horticultural work, both on and off site, woodwork, cookery, arts and crafts.

In the photos, Keith might look rather jolly after his first half marathon, but in training for a full marathon he is looking to run three half marathons every week. Not only will the marathon itself be tough, but think about the months of training…

Phew. If you have read so far, please, please visit his collection web site Thank you.

3 hours 41 minutes
“The Marathon took place on Sunday 13th March starting at 08:30. It was a lovely sunny morning quite cool with little wind, perfect for running a Marathon. The course winds round the streets of Barcelona taking in some of the famous sites of the City. At 6km there is the Nou Camp the home of Barcelona FC, 14 km sees Casa Mila, the iconic building designed by Antoni Gaudi then at 16 km probably the best known building in Barcelona the Basilica Sagrada Familia.

“As this was my first Marathon I started at the back of the pack of the 20,000 runners in the group expected to take over 4 hours to complete the course. My target was to complete the marathon in under 4 hours.

“The last 7 km were the hardest as I had only run up to 32 km in training however I was spurred on thanks to the kind donations people had made to the Apuldram Centre and I was determined to finish. I crossed the line in a time of 3 hours 41 minutes which was a much better time than I had expected for my first Marathon at the age of 50.

Three peaks for Cystic Fibrosis

Three peaks for Cystic Fibrosis

Jonathan Pickles, Chris Fuller, Jonny McKenna, Andy Collins, Paul Dugdale, and Neil Stansfield raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust by completeing the Three Peaks Challenge.

The Three Peaks consist of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in the Lake District, England and Mount Snowdon in Wales. The challenge invloves walking and climbing all three peaks in under 24 hours!

The guys finished in 23 hours and 40 minutes. The driver was the lovely Aimee who kept them jolly along the way! Well done lads a great effort.

Premitec Scrap Shakers (Shuffle or Friction Transporters)

Premitec Scrap Shakers (Shuffle or Friction Transporters)

Premitec has been selling scrap Shakers (sometimes known as Friction Transporters) for over 10 years,. They have been sold largely to the stamping and metal pressings industry but along the way have been finding new applications for them.

multi-scrap shaker from Premitec

Their flexibility to allow any number of trays to be mounted to them and with a maximum weight of 50kg means they can move anything from a potato crisp to a piece of iron.

Friction transports

The principle behind the Vibratory or Shuffle Conveyor or scrap transporter is a slow acceleration in the forward direction (thus transporting the material forward) and a rapid return stroke leaving the material stationary ensuring movement in one direction only and along the tray.

In addition to being flexible they robust gearbox design means that no matter how severe the environment they will give trouble free service.

Please contact us for more details.

News of Ball Lifters

News of Ball Lifters

Another batch of Ball Lifters of to our friends in Slovakia.

With a lift capacity of 1,000kg/M and the roller type 1,700kg/M, we really are filling the market/T slots.

Die - Lifter

The pneumatic lifters are easy to attach with no hard pipe work as with the hydraulic type. Flexible hose from your 6 bar supply only.

Pneumatic die lifters

Die Lifters are not only used in press beds for SMED. They are also being used in special purpose equipment to load and unload items in the aerospace industry, and CNC machining industry for the loading and unloading of fixtures on and off machine tools.

Scrap Shaker is 10 years old this November 2015

Scrap Shaker is 10 years old this November 2015

Premitec is celebrating the 10th  anniversary of their  first scrap shaker unit to be installed in the UK.

Baxi Boilers of Preston and setter john waites

Baxi Boilers of Preston, took delivery of the first UK scrap shaker in November 2005.  With a scrap tray clamping beam of 2,500mm, stretching along the back of the press, the ‘setters’ have to replace only the scrap trays for each tool. No spare parts have ever been required even though it has been running 12 hours/day 5 days a week for the past 10 years. As the Press Setter John Waite stated it’s never missed a beat”.

Baxi engineers found that belt conveyors were not reliable and in many cases not shallow enough to lay under the press tools.

mechanical scrap shaker

Being an electro mechanical scrap shaker, the Premitec unit provides a reliable alternative to belt conveyors and air shakers, as belts can tear and air shakers fail due to poor air or lack of robustness.

The Baxi tool setters found that the scrap shaker is easily adaptable to meet their requirements. A selection of trays can be mounted on the unit. Common trays can be used for different tools. The length of the trays present no problem.

Scrap Shakers can be found in many other industries, which are ideally suited for this method of transportation such as in casting, foundry, machine tools and the food industry. Many of which have replaced conventional belt conveyors.

Premitec UK are happy to celebrate Baxi’s 10th  year of trouble free scrap shaking.  Success made possible by a simple robust design.

If you are looking for a helpful alternative to belts and conveyors or would like more information, please give us a call.