Premitec Scrap Shakers (Shuffle or Friction Transporters)

Premitec Scrap Shakers (Shuffle or Friction Transporters)

Premitec has been selling scrap Shakers (sometimes known as Friction Transporters) for over 10 years,. They have been sold largely to the stamping and metal pressings industry but along the way have been finding new applications for them.

multi-scrap shaker from Premitec

Their flexibility to allow any number of trays to be mounted to them and with a maximum weight of 50kg means they can move anything from a potato crisp to a piece of iron.

Friction transports

The principle behind the Vibratory or Shuffle Conveyor or scrap transporter is a slow acceleration in the forward direction (thus transporting the material forward) and a rapid return stroke leaving the material stationary ensuring movement in one direction only and along the tray.

In addition to being flexible they robust gearbox design means that no matter how severe the environment they will give trouble free service.

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News of Ball Lifters

News of Ball Lifters

Another batch of Ball Lifters of to our friends in Slovakia.

With a lift capacity of 1,000kg/M and the roller type 1,700kg/M, we really are filling the market/T slots.

Die - Lifter

The pneumatic lifters are easy to attach with no hard pipe work as with the hydraulic type. Flexible hose from your 6 bar supply only.

Pneumatic die lifters

Die Lifters are not only used in press beds for SMED. They are also being used in special purpose equipment to load and unload items in the aerospace industry, and CNC machining industry for the loading and unloading of fixtures on and off machine tools.

Scrap Shaker is 10 years old this November 2015

Scrap Shaker is 10 years old this November 2015

Premitec is celebrating the 10th  anniversary of their  first scrap shaker unit to be installed in the UK.

Baxi Boilers of Preston and setter john waites

Baxi Boilers of Preston, took delivery of the first UK scrap shaker in November 2005.  With a scrap tray clamping beam of 2,500mm, stretching along the back of the press, the ‘setters’ have to replace only the scrap trays for each tool. No spare parts have ever been required even though it has been running 12 hours/day 5 days a week for the past 10 years. As the Press Setter John Waite stated it’s never missed a beat”.

Baxi engineers found that belt conveyors were not reliable and in many cases not shallow enough to lay under the press tools.

mechanical scrap shaker

Being an electro mechanical scrap shaker, the Premitec unit provides a reliable alternative to belt conveyors and air shakers, as belts can tear and air shakers fail due to poor air or lack of robustness.

The Baxi tool setters found that the scrap shaker is easily adaptable to meet their requirements. A selection of trays can be mounted on the unit. Common trays can be used for different tools. The length of the trays present no problem.

Scrap Shakers can be found in many other industries, which are ideally suited for this method of transportation such as in casting, foundry, machine tools and the food industry. Many of which have replaced conventional belt conveyors.

Premitec UK are happy to celebrate Baxi’s 10th  year of trouble free scrap shaking.  Success made possible by a simple robust design.

If you are looking for a helpful alternative to belts and conveyors or would like more information, please give us a call.

Hungary Scrap Shakers..!

Hungary Scrap Shakers..!

An Hungarian white goods manufacture has recently purchased a 2.5 meter long scrap shaker from ourselves.

Having viewed the scrap shakers on YouTube, ‘Emika Elektromechanikai Zrt’ contacted Premitec UK Ltd by email and the order was placed.

After only 3 weeks the unit was installed and running well.

So we are now doing business in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, as well as the UK …of course!

scrap shaker

Double Decker Scrap Shaker

Double Decker Scrap Shaker

How to remove the pressed part and the scrap using one scrap shaker system.

When using a progression tool, it is common to use a long conveyor to remove the scrap from the underside length of the tool and a short conveyor to remove the scrap where it emits from the press tool. Problems can be two conveyors to purchase and maintain, belts to change, conveyor clearance under tool to consider.

A UK company had the solution. By mounting one of our scrap shakers (although they call them linear transporters) at the end of the press with a long scrap tray to collect the scrap from under the press, and to that tray a second shorter tray attached to it, they were able to kill two birds with one stone. Both scrap trays are horizontal with no incline required.

double decker scrap shaker

This company has now reproduced this method of scrap removal on several of it’s presses. One scrap shaker and two scrap trays.

Our Scrap Shakers are helping to keep initial costs down, reducing maintenance cost to a minimum and reducing quick tool changing (SMED)..

Scrap Shuttle or Shaker

The Scrap Shuttle or as it is sometimes known the Friction transporter or the Vibratory Scrap Conveyor is able to transfer scrap/parts on a horizontal tray due to the rapid return motion of the unit.

The principle behind the vibratory scrap conveyor is the table cloth effect used by magicians. The scrap moves ‘slowly’ forward on the tray, but remains stationary when the tray returns quickly. This action happens 4 times per second.

The Vibratory Scrap Conveyor or Multi Tray Scrap Shaker allows scrap to be removed from the underside of shallow press tools using a simple, low profile sheet metal tray.

Scrap Trays can be manufactured with 30 degree dog legs to allow material to be transported out from under complexed tooling.