How to remove the pressed part and the scrap using one scrap shaker system.

When using a progression tool, it is common to use a long conveyor to remove the scrap from the underside length of the tool and a short conveyor to remove the scrap where it emits from the press tool. Problems can be two conveyors to purchase and maintain, belts to change, conveyor clearance under tool to consider.

A UK company had the solution. By mounting one of our scrap shakers (although they call them linear transporters) at the end of the press with a long scrap tray to collect the scrap from under the press, and to that tray a second shorter tray attached to it, they were able to kill two birds with one stone. Both scrap trays are horizontal with no incline required.

double decker scrap shaker

This company has now reproduced this method of scrap removal on several of it’s presses. One scrap shaker and two scrap trays.

Our Scrap Shakers are helping to keep initial costs down, reducing maintenance cost to a minimum and reducing quick tool changing (SMED)..