Premitec has been selling scrap Shakers (sometimes known as Friction Transporters) for over 10 years,. They have been sold largely to the stamping and metal pressings industry but along the way have been finding new applications for them.

multi-scrap shaker from Premitec

Their flexibility to allow any number of trays to be mounted to them and with a maximum weight of 50kg means they can move anything from a potato crisp to a piece of iron.

Friction transports

The principle behind the Vibratory or Shuffle Conveyor or scrap transporter is a slow acceleration in the forward direction (thus transporting the material forward) and a rapid return stroke leaving the material stationary ensuring movement in one direction only and along the tray.

In addition to being flexible they robust gearbox design means that no matter how severe the environment they will give trouble free service.

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