Automated Guided Vehicles

AGV’s are fully automatic , extremely accurate and safe.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Most of the Transporters & Trucks available from Premitec can be AGV’s

The AGV’s are fully automatic , extremely accurate and safe.
They handle all type of loads without accidents or damage to the goods.
Navigates by laser or wire, driving with combinations of single / dual drive, single/dual/eccentric steer.
Safety is one of the keywords for our AGV’s.
Speed dependent laser bumper front and rear, side protection, load sensors, MP3 sound, lights and buzzers are some of the safety features.
The AGV is safe and reliable working close together with people and infrastructure.


  • Safe, Reliable & Robust
  • Max AGV (management system)
  • Operational 24/7
  • Modern, futuristic system
  • No damage to Goods
  • Intelligent traffic /& Order optimisation
  • All type of Loads
  • Easy to use & Maintain
  • Energy Saving
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Flexibility & Freedom
  • Graphic configuration

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