Die and Mould Handling

Solving tool handling problems since 1999

Die and Mould Handling equipment

We have been solving tool and die handling problems since 1999. The Die Cart has a capacity range covering 10,000kg, up to 50,000kg.

With the single minute exchange of die ( SMED) in mind, the Die Carts are designed to take the strain out of your tool handling operations, saving you time, money, increasing production uptime and enhance Health and Safety issues.

Reducing your setup and adjustment times from hours to minutes.

The Die Carts are capable of lifting & transporting tools up to 100,000kg. They have a ‘purpose designed’ battery charging system, and each customer is able to use the inbuilt diagnostic control system to adjust the speed and performance of the Die Cart.

They have the ability to rotate 90 degrees about their axis on either side of the payload, allowing the tool to completely turn on its axis and manoeuvre in confined spaces.

The Die Carts are specifically manufactured to transfer tools on/off press beds and racking. The hydraulic height adjustment of up to 800mm meets the flexibility required to load and unload from various press bed heights. The Die Carts are produced from standard modular parts up to 4 meters in length, however ‘specials‘ can always be manufactured.

Increasing diversity and smaller batch sizes, means setup time reduction is of crucial importance.

Operator control of all movement is from the handle via push buttons. 24 volt power from the battery pack drives the hydraulic pump unit, and the control valves are of standard industrial type.

ISO/cetop 03 with 24v = (DC) solenoids. Power steering controlled by hand held control pendant either by umbilical cord or wireless can be provided.

Product information

“Due to its compact design, the Vibratory Scrap Shaker may be installed in confined, congested areas.”

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