Die Loading Arms (Bolster Extensions)

Extend a press table

Die Loading Arms or Bolster Extensions

The main purpose of Die Loading Arms is to extend the press table to create space for quick, safe and reliable die transfer with forklift truck or crane.

Loading a tool directly onto a press bed from a fork lift truck can be very dangerous and is almost impossible to do safely with a crane.

Bolster extensions extend the bed so that the fork truck or crane can load directly to the front of the press. Not only does this significantly improve safety it saves time.

Our bolster extensions are fitted with large rollers so that the die rolls smoothly without any jolts. The rolling consoles are compatible with the press ramps and DIN 650 T-slots. They are built using a lightweight aluminium alloy structure and are available in fixed, foldable or completely mobile versions.

All bolster extensions can be fitted with sliding hooks, stands and extensions, as well as wheel-mounted stands to move them easily between different presses.

Available Height is adjustable for different bed heights, according to your needs.

Premitec UK Die Loading Arms are available for a load capacity of 500kg to 10,000kg.


  • Extend a press table for quick, safe and reliable die transfer with forklift truck or crane
  • Smooth linear movement of tools
  • Load capacity from 500kg to 10 tonnes.
  • Height adjustable
  • Height adjustable
  • Smooth linear movement
  • Various swivel movements, directions and combinations

More Features

Ball bearing-mounted load carrying rollers of some die loading arms ensure smooth linear movement. Only a slight displacement force needs to be applied; even for the heaviest dies.

Swivel-mounted Die Loading Arms are designed for fixed installation on press tables.

Depending on the length of the extension arm, the clear span between the die loading arms and the press surroundings can be selected from various combinations of swivel movement and swivel direction.

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