Die Splitters

Tools up to 50 tonnes, Safe Handling.

A parallel lift – No crabbing from side to side

The Die Splitter enables one person to safely split and service a die sets and plastic injection mould tools in a safe, controlled and repeatable manner.

The Die Splitter and mould splitters are designed to safely split the top & bottom tools, but also present the top tool in a position for ease of maintenance with good access to all sides of the tooling.

The tool is loaded onto the beams of the Die Splitter by either Tool Carrier or crane. Located inside the beams are Die Rollers, Die Movers and a clamping T slot.

These units transport the tool horizontally until it locates in the centre of the Die Splitter. Two pairs of Die Movers are supplied, giving the ability to split the tool and position top and bottom at either side of the Die Splitter to be worked on by the toolmakers.

A hydraulic ram is located in each of the two columns, which run vertically, raising and lowering the tool. The rams are hydraulically operated and linked to ensure a perfect parallel raise and lower of the tool.

The rams of the die splitter are guided in linear bearing for minimal friction and high positional accuracy. Vertical raise and lower speed is stepless and can be set from zero to max 30 mm/seconds.

Each ram incorporates a hydraulic rotating device, with 180 degree of movement. These are of a very rigid design to ensure a stable movement when the tool is being rotated. This is especially important when splitting top tools of varying heights, which can produce significant out of centre loads.

The tool is clamped to the Die Splitters rotating table, so allowing it to be rotated along its length. Tool clamping is by hydraulics, and has its own pneumatically operated pump unit, which is enclosed discreetly within the overall Die Splitter unit.

Once the top tool has been raised and rotated, the bottom tool is transported to one side using the Die Rollers / Movers. The top tool can then be lowered onto the beams to be worked on in this position or transported to one side, again using the Die Rollers / Movers.
Valve operated hydraulic pump is used for

  • Rams – Raise/Lower
  • Rotation of the tool
  • Die Movers
  • Clamping

Applied downward pressure can be regulated to the nominal size of the Die Splitter, i.e. 1 to 50 tons. As an option this can be increased.

Using a small hand held panel with umbilical cable, the operator is in full control of all movements of the Die Splitter.

Not only is the operator able to split the dies, but also gently bring the two halves together as in a spotting press. Should high spots need further work it is then a simple operation to rotate the top tool and let the scraper do its work!


  • Eliminates hazards which could damage high cost tooling
  • Simple to operate
  • Enables one person to split, service and assemble tools in a quick, safe & efficient manner
  • Increases press shop uptime
  • Safety – The splitting of dies by use of crane/chain hoists is potentially dangerous to toolmakers and could also damage valuable tooling.

Product information

“If there is a need to work on heavy mould components to carry out routine checks, cleaning, modifications or repair, this piece of kit is an absolute must for your company.”


“For processes involved with the moulding of parts where the moulds are in excess of 2 tons in weight, this is a necessary piece of kit. Working on awkward to lift or orientate heavy mould components at best, is difficult and worst, down-right dangerous. The Hedin Lagan Die Splitter is simplistic design, yet well engineered, which makes it easy to use and very reliable.”

“If there is a need to work on heavy mould components to carry out routine checks, cleaning, modifications or repair, this piece of kit is an absolute must for your company.” Paul Bartlam


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