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Electric Shuffle Conveyor Systems, or Shuttle Conveyor Systems, provide solutions for scrap management at the press. Managing scrap at the press yields improvements in press availability and throughput, with reduced operating costs.

Premitec supply conveyors which are patented and designed by, internationally renowned engineers, Conveyor 22.

Conveyor 22’s electric friction feeders are the most compact, clean and maintenance free linear conveyors on the market.

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Each conveyor is delivered to you as a complete unit. This includes a control box, manual and fastening bolts for mounting the transporter and feeding tray.

We are pleased to say that installation of Shuffle Conveyors (or Shuttle Conveyors) has brought high-efficiency rewards for our clients. So-much-so that many have installed multiple systems and have more planned.

Each of our Shuffle Conveyor systems can be created to meet the specific needs of the material and the required output.

Product information

Black Line Shuffle Conveyors – Suitable For Most Manufacturing Industries

Black Line conveyors offer a patented electric linear conveyor with intelligent and maintenance free technology.

They offer protection class IP 62. Manufactured in high strength steel and anodised aluminium. Suitable for most manufacturing industries such as metal, plastic, robotics and recycling etc.

A decrease in feeding speed results in an increase of max distributed and attached loads. The conveyor is delivered to you as a complete unit including control box.


Clean Line™ Shuffle Conveyors – Ideal For Commercial, RoHS Compliant and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Clean Line™ patented electric linear conveyor. With intelligent and maintenance free technology.

Manufactured in stainless steel and anodised aluminium. IP66, dust and splash proof. Suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, food processing or harsh environments.

A decrease in feeding speed results in an increase of maximum distributed and attached loads. This conveyor is delivered to you as a complete unit including control box.

Up Line 400/20 Step Feeder – For Vertical Transportation

Step Feeders are perfect for gentle feeding and delivering of parts for automatic assembly, automatic inspection, automated sorting, or secondary operations.

The Up Line step feeder features a ‘double action’ movement. This means every step moves up and down alternately with high capacity. Built-in deliver sensor, for every output, makes interfacing to most PLCs or manufacturing machines easy.

The Up Line machine housing is stainless steel, and the steps are in FDA-compliant Azethal plastic. The magazine can be customised.

Up Line Step Feeders are extensively used within the automotive industry for the feeding and presentation of larger and heavier components which are typically outside the capabilities of vibratory bowl feeder.


Feeding Trays

This unique technology offers an unconventional solution for conveying by focussing on handling material instead of moving heavy feeding trays. As a result, conveying of goods is often much more effective.

With regards to the 12 kg resp. 4 kg and 2 kg attached weights of these conveyors (The summed weight includes feeding trays, bars, fasteners etc.); We recommend a maximum of 1 mm material thickness for a feeding tray. The linear motion eliminates the risk of exposing feeding tray material to stress by vibrations. However, to achieve extra stability use sliding elements.

Standard material

We provide ready-to-use standard feeding trays in your required length and width. The single trays are mounted upon the conveyor with fasteners; which are supplied.


Special Feeding Trays – Further Applications

We can also supply feeding trays in other materials. For example, smooth steel sheet, perforated metal, plastic, non-stick/ceramic coated steel, tempered glass or Lexan etc. Here are some examples of feeding trays that can be used for more than conveying:

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