Electronic Shimming™


Electronic Shimming™

Electronic Shimming™ adjusts the flow of metal dynamically during the deep draw process and greatly improves your products quality.

Hydraulico’s patented electronic shimming plate offers extreme blankhold control and short start-up time in monoblock deep drawing. with deep drawing, material flow changes significantly during drawing, often causing problems with wrinkles and cracks.

Electronic Shimming™ reduces scrap rates, facilitates production control, and allows for quick and uncomplicated tool changing.

The Electronic Shimming™ system developed by Hydraulico has three components: The Electronic Shimming™ unit which is a complete electronic and hydraulic system, a control panel and the electronic shimming plate. The shimming plate holds individual pockets or zones, each pressurized by hydraulic oil and each controlled individually. The control panel allows users to set up pressure zones on the plate, modify pressure during a part of the press cycle and save the settings for future recall.

The Electronic Shimming™ system can be fitted into any hydraulic press.


  • Eliminate wrinkles and cracks
  • Deeper draw possible
  • Less tension in final product
  • Smaller grain size
  • Higher production output
  • Avoid annealing
  • No start-up time
  • Easy and fast tool chnaging
  • reduced polishing cost
  • Adapt to existing die and presses
  • extends die life

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Electronic Shimming™ adjusts the flow of metal dynamically during the deep draw and greatly improves products quality.

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