Maximum uptime at minimal cost


Improve the up-time and management efficiency of your hydraulic presses. Access from anywhere via smartphone or website

  1. ELIMINATE PAPER DEPENDENCY -All press documentation is updated, digitalized and accessible from anywhere.
  2. FEEDBACK ON SPARE PARTS – Qualified and quick access to pricing and lead times. Let us make you aware of obsolete and/or critical components.
  3. SERVICE TRACEABILITY – Service reports stored chronologically for every press.
  4. CALENDAR FUNCTION – Automated uptime reporting based on user feedback and agenda function.
  5. TROUBLESHOOT BY SHARING VIDEOS – Virtual Eyes On (VEO) allows us to be on the spot, with you, in real time.
  6. NO E-MAILING CAPACITY ISSUES – Upload and store large files instantly.

Product information

“Proactive, practical, cost efficient, and available for all your presses”

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