Pneumatic Ball and Roller Die Lifters

Pneumatic Ball and Roller Die Lifters

Pneumatic Die Lifters, Roller or Ball versions in standard T22, T28 and T36 sizes. Non standard or special versions are manufactured to order.

With Simple installation at existing T-slots, , installation takes a couple of minutes and avoids expensive hydraulic installation and high pressure hydraulic systems in the tooling areas.
British manufactured recirculating ball units or precision roller bearings reduce friction, with larger diameter bearings compared to hydraulic die lifters, thus, requiring less force to push and pull the tool.
Example: A 3,500kg Die takes Approximately 20 kilos to get the Die Moving on the Rollers
With quick release couplings, the die lifters can easily be removed from the T slots to be replaced with clamps or die cushion pins if necessary.

One pair of Die Lifters can be removed and used in several presses ( As long as they have the same T slot dimensions). They are so easy to transfer from one press to another with their quick release pneumatic couplings, setters can replace and install on whichever press needs changing next.

  • 6 bar Compressed Air Supply
  • Quick coupling – fast connection (SMED)
  • Lift capacity of the T22 die lifter 1,300 kg/m at 6bar
  • Lift capacity of T28 die lifters 1,700 kg/m at 6 bar
  • Lift Capacity of T36 die lifters 1,700 kg/m at 6bar
  • Lift Capacity can be Doubled with the use of an Intensifier


  • Easily removed from T Slots and replaced if necessary
  • One pair of die lifters can be used in multiple presses
  • Quick release pneumatic couplings
  • Operator is able to pull/push 4,000kg tool

Optional Features

Many companies have replaced the traditional method of using hydraulic and spring loaded die lifters by using the Pneumatic Die Lifters and Die Rollers from Premitec. Due to the large diameter bearings, the operator is able to push/pull 4,000kg tool.

Extruded aluminium housing is available for T28 and T36, the housing which incorporates the “T” slot for the die lifters and mounting onto a machine base can avoid expensive machining of bed plates on special machines and die changing equipment.

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